We rely on each Test Coordinator to organize a location for two days of testing, recruit proctors for each testing level offered, and advertise the location, date, and time to their local homeschool community. We are looking for personable, organized, and responsible individuals to fill the Test Coordinator position.

Qualifications for new test coordinators are:

  • Must have a B.S. or B.A. from an accredited college or university
  • Either:
    • you will need to take our Coordinator Training to receive certification. Training is provided free to contracted Coordinators.
    • or you must be a certified teacher with current certification or if not certified,
  • Must be organized, administrative, able to problem-solve, and work well with others
  • Must know about and understand basic standardized testing parameters (this information will be provided in the training mentioned above)

Responsibilities of Testing Coordinators

  • Secure facility. Students test over 2 days from 9:00 a.m. to about 1:30 p.m. each day.
  • Schedule testing dates with Homeschool Testing Services
  • Work with the staff at Homeschool Testing Services to provide excellent service to the testers in your community. This includes
    • Security of the testing material the entire time it is in your possession
    • Organizing and shipping the testing material back to Homeschool Testing Services in a timely manner
  • Advertise your testing event.
  • Secure proctors. Proctors need at least four years of college experience, and have prior testing experience or view proctor training provided by Homeschool Testing Services. To read more about Test Proctor qualifications and responsibilities, as well as access the Proctor Application, (will be made available in December)
  • Submit a completed W-9. Test Coordinators are independent contractors with Homeschool Testing Services. They are not employees. Link can be found at the bottom of this page. Please scroll down.

How to Apply

  • Have your diploma ready. You will need your 4-year college diploma as an image (.jpg) or PDF on a drive that is accessible for uploading into the form.
  • Complete the application form WHEN IT IS UPDATED. Check back to this page for the link when it is active.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Frequently Asked Questions

How much do Test Coordinators earn?

Compensation will be discussed after we receive your application. If you need more information sooner, please email info@HomeschoolTestingServices.com.

How do I know if there is a need for a testing event in my area?

New this year, you can see on this Google Map a view from last year of CTP events (orange markers) and SAT 10 testing events (blue markers.) Also, if you click on any point, it will display the location name, coordinator’s name, and the total number of people that tested with them this year.

How do I submit a new testing event and location?

We will provide you with a form to submit for a new event location. If you have questions, email info@HomeschoolTestingServices.com.

How much time does it take to serve as a Test Coordinator?

The time commitment of a Test Coordinator depends on how difficult it is to secure the facility and proctors in your area, and how much time you would like to spend on promotions and advertising. Test Coordinator training takes about an hour (more if you take advantage of additional resources), and is scheduled at your convenience. Coordinators are on site throughout testing, and spend time organizing testing materials beforehand as well as compiling materials after testing for submission back to HTS.