Are you returning from last year?

Welcome back, we’re so glad that you’re still with us! For 2017, we are asking Test Coordinators to complete a shortened application process. Please find the application here. If you have your facility confirmed, please complete this event registration form, and we’ll set it up on the calendar. (If you’ve never been a Test Coordinator with us, please find out more below.)

Are you new? Need some guidelines on getting a facility?

Your testing facility is very important! Look for a place where students can test without noise and interruption in a safe and welcoming environment. If you are a Classical Conversations director, the first place to consider is your regular meeting facility. Other options might include local community centers, a public library (if meeting rooms are available), or local churches. For a list of locations from last year, see this Google map. Some things to consider:

  • The levels of tests you’re likely to administer. You’ll need at least 4–6 rooms, depending on which test you are administering (see the Test Coordinator kit for more specifics about Stanford-10 and CTP test requirements). Students don’t have to have desks; they can sit at tables but should have enough space to minimize distractions.
  • An area for nursery, if you choose to provide one
  • A waiting area for non-proctoring parents
  • A central area for check-in
  • Bathrooms
  • Parking

TIP: Build goodwill!
Smart Test Coordinators think about next year while arranging for this year’s event. Leave things even neater than you found them! Remember a “thank you” to the facility after your event is closed. If in doubt about systems (like thermostats), ask someone!

How are extra expenses (like a facility fee) paid?

Homeschool Testing Services collects the fees from families for testing materials and processing only. If you have extra costs, such as a facility fee, cleaning, or snacks that are directly associated with the event, you may collect a “love offering” at the time of testing or charge each family a pre-set amount at check-in. If you need to collect extra fees at the test event, it’s probably a good idea to let families know that in your introductory emails, and explain what the money will go for.

Do parents stay during testing?

Parents are allowed to drop off their child/children and pick them up at the designated time set by you, the coordinator. If your facility has room, you can set aside a room for the parents and siblings.

  • Parents may get a little loud (particularly if they have younger siblings along), so if you can put them in an area away from testing students, it may be more comfortable for everybody.
  • Snacks may be provided IF the facility says it’s OK, but be sure to clean up afterward!
  • Leave catalogs, books, and your contact information where parents can peruse them.
  • Tables or Wi-Fi connection might be appreciated.

Advertise your event!

All homeschoolers can test with HTS, so spread the word! Some ideas:

  • Advertise on local homeschooling blogs or newsletters
  • If you are part of a Classical Conversations community, use that network! Contact the Support Representative in your area—she can put you in touch with the other communities that she supports (if you don’t know who that is, ask your director).
    • Ask Challenge directors to send an announcement in their weekly email to parents.
    • Email your local community and other local homeschool groups in your area
    • Post about the Testing event on your local community Facebook page! We provide images and flyers in each Test Coordinator kit, or make your own!
    • Hand out flyers on your community day
  • Make an announcement at your community day during the opening

This is great opportunity to serve your homeschool community! Consider hosting a Classical Conversations information meeting during testing—or have plenty of catalogs on hand!