Test coordinators tailor details such as check-in procedures, recommended foods to bring, and a general schedule for each testing day. Also, there are slightly different procedures between the SAT-10 and CTP4 (you will know which test is available in your area in the registration process). After registration, you will be contacted by the Test Coordinator with this information as well as his or her contact information should you need to get in touch.


  • You will need to bring your registration receipt with you to the testing site, and present it for confirmation.
  • Each student will need a ruler with centimeters and inches and two #2 pencils.
  • four-function calculator (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) is needed for students in ninth through twelfth grades taking the SAT-10. Students taking the CTP4 may use a calculator in fifth through tenth grades. Calculator apps or calculators on phones or electronic devices may not be used.
  • Students who complete their tests before the scheduled time is up are welcome to read or do some other quiet activity at their desks. Students are welcome to bring devices on which to read (such as a Kindle), but we do ask that students refrain from texting or visiting social media while in the testing area so that they don’t distract other students.

Scratch paper will be provided, and experienced and well-qualified proctors will guide your student through each section of the test you have selected. When it’s all over, consider going for ice cream!

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