In Spring 2016,  we began offering the Comprehensive Testing Program (CTP) from Education Records Bureau (ERB) at select locations. Long-recognized as a rigorous assessment in private schools, we are the first organization to provide the CTP for homeschool students in limited on-site locations. 

We will only offer one test per grade level; at a CTP location with multiple grade levels, the CTP is the only test offered for specified grades. In the past, we have allowed the SAT-10 to be offered for the youngest grade levels to accommodate all students. In most cases, at a CTP location, only the CTP will be offered.

Once you begin the registration process, each testing event will clearly list which test will be provided at that location.

Features and Benefits

The CTP is a rigorous assessment for high achieving students in grades 1-10. A new feature for families who have previously tested with Stanford is the verbal and quantitative reasoning subtests, which are part of the CTP beginning in third grade. Measuring quantitative reasoning as well as content-specific, curriculum based performance gives your family a more well-rounded assessment of a student’s abilities.

The CTP is a timed test. While it is designed to test power rather than speed, an individual student’s reading speed may affect his or her ability to complete an individual subtest within the allotted time. However, since the tests are standardized according to the times described in the testing documentation, it is very important to time them accurately.

Third through tenth grade levels are nationally normed from 2012. The norms compare student performance and growth with similar groups of achievers via national, independent, suburban public, international, association, and district and national norms using scaled cores, stanines, and percentiles. * Levels 1 and 2 are NOT nationally normed.

Features by grade:

First Grade: Consumable (Students answer directly in booklets. There is no separate bubble sheet.)
Auditory Comprehension, Reading Comprehension, Word Analysis, and Mathematics

Second Grade: Consumable (Students answer directly in booklets. There is no separate bubble sheet.)
Auditory Comprehension, Reading Comprehension, Word Analysis, Writing Mechanics, and Mathematics

Third Grade: Consumable (Students answer directly in booklets. There is no separate bubble sheet.)
Verbal Reasoning, Auditory Comprehension, Reading Comprehension, Writing Mechanics, Writing Concepts and Skills, Quantitative Reasoning, and Mathematics

Fourth–Tenth Grades
Verbal Reasoning, Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension, Writing Mechanics, Writing Concepts and Skills, Quantitative Reasoning, and Mathematics

See the CTP Scope and Sequence.

State Requirements

If you are unsure of your state’s requirements about testing, we recommend you visit the Homeschool Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) website to learn more about homeschool regulations in your state. Just follow the link here, and click on your state on the map.


Onsite testing, per student $59

*Test registration will close on the Sunday four weeks prior to the testing date. Please check your desired testing event for specific dates.

You may cancel your order and still receive a refund up to the close of registration (please see your desired testing event for specific dates). Cancellations made after the close of registration will only be refunded for exceptional circumstances, such as a family emergency, not including illness. If your student is sick, your Test Coordinator will help you arrange to test at another location in your area or switch to an online event. The Test Coordinator’s contact information is on your registration confirmation.

To receive a refund, please e-mail wfecteau@HomeschoolTestingServices.com

Include the name of the person who purchased the tests, location of testing site, scheduled date of test, Test Coordinator name, number of tests purchased, and reason for cancellation. There is a $5 refund processing fee. You will receive an e-mail when refund is processed and your card will be credited in 3-5 business days.

Please note: Cancellations made after the closing date of registrations are non-refundable. Please check your desired testing event for specific dates. If you don’t see any Testing events in your area on the Event Calendar, please check back. Most local testing events are on schedule by April.


What to Expect

Need more information about testing, and what to expect the day of testing? Click here.

Test Results

Test results will be available within 6-8 weeks. For more information about interpretation of your test results, please see our page on Results.

Frequently Asked Questions about the CTP

Can I pay with check or money order?

No. Registration for testing can only occur through our website, which can only accept credit cards. No payment can be accepted at testing sites.

Help! Registration has closed for our site but I really need to enroll for testing. Do I have any options?

After Registration closes, emergency signup may be possible for a $79 fee per test. Please call 336-295-3093 or 336-897-7045 to register over the phone. No refunds will be given for emergency signups.

Can accommodations be made for my student?

We are a group testing company and in general are not set up to provide accommodations other than extra time. However, please contact the local test coordinator because he/she may be able to provide other accommodations depending on the proctors available.

What accommodations can be given to my student?

1) Extra time. 2) Parts of the test can read to students if an extra proctor is available. Reading Comprehension and Reading Vocabulary CANNOT be read to the students. It would invalidate the test results. 3) Directions can be repeated more than once. 4) Scribe to record answers for the student. 5) Answers transferred for student. 1-5 are only available if an extra proctor is available and cannot be guaranteed. Please contact your local coordinator. Test results will be clearly marked with the accommodations received.

When will I receive my student’s test results?

You will receive your student’s test result in about 6-8 weeks from the time we receive the tests at our facility. Allow extra time during the busy season of May.

How will I get the test results?

When the test results are available they will be uploaded to our website. An email will be automatically generated telling the registrant that the results are available. Click the link in the email to retrieve the results. You will be prompted to log in. Use the log in information you used to register for the testing event. Once logged in click on the “My Results” tab and then choose the correct year. You can just view or view, download, and print. The results are a pdf.

How long will the results remain on the website?

The past three years are posted online to your account.

What if I don’t receive an email?

You can go to our website at any time to view the results. Once on the Homeschool Testing Services website, hover your mouse pointer over “Test Results” and click “Get my Results” from the drop down menu. From there you can follow the directions above for obtaining your results.

What if I have a question about my student’s test results?

You will receive a link to the ‘Parent Kit” in your register confirmation email and again in your results email. In the kit is information on interpreting the test results. If you have additional questions you can call us at 910-684-5665 and we will try assist you with your questions. There are also live webinars scheduled to help guide you in interpreting the results. Please check the website for more information on those.