Do you have scheduling conflicts with your local testing site? Or just prefer to test at home? Online testing opportunities are offered for students who prefer not to test at a physical location, or who can’t get to a physical location. Online testing is for grades 3–12, is proctored, and includes the same SAT-10 components as the physical test for the level you choose, except the online version does not have a Listening section.

The Stanford-10 National Achievement Test (SAT-10) is a nationally-recognized test used by educators across the United States, particularly in private schools and home schools. As a norm-referenced test, the Stanford-10 not only offers the home educator information on their student’s achievement, it also provides comparisons based on nationwide test results. The first version of the Stanford Achievement series was published in 1926, and the Stanford-10 online version was introduced in 2012. Its rich history and academic excellence has earned its acceptance as a nationally normed achievement test across the nation and meets most state’s testing requirements.

For Florida Families

For our “Florida Online Testing Events,” we have a current Florida-certified teacher as the proctor. These can be taken by any student, but were designed with the annual Florida student evaluation requirement set forth by the state of Florida in mind.

Specifics About the Tests

We offer the Unabbreviated Stanford Achievement Test, Tenth Edition, online for third through twelfth grades. We use Form A (traditional language section).

Subjects tested by level (please note that the levels are not named by grade level).

Primary 3 (Third Grade):
Word Study Skills, Reading Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension, Mathematics Problem Solving, Mathematics Procedures, Spelling, Language, Science, and Social Science.

Intermediate 1 (Fourth Grade)
Word Study Skills, Reading Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension, Mathematics Problem Solving, Mathematics Procedures, Spelling, Language, Science, and Social Science.

Intermediate 2 (Fifth Grade), Intermediate 3 (Sixth Grade), Advanced 1 (Seventh Grade), and Advanced 2 (Eighth Grade)
Reading Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension, Mathematics Problem Solving, Mathematics Procedures, Spelling, Language, Science, and Social Science.

Task 1 (Ninth Grade), Task 2 (Tenth Grade), and Task 3 (Eleventh and Twelfth Grades)
Reading Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension, Mathematics, Spelling, Language, Science, and Social Science.


Please view the Stanford 10 Scope & Sequence for more details.

How Online Testing Works

For the Stanford-10 online version, the student is at home or at a location of your choice on a computer. We provide a Pearson-qualified trained proctor, a toll-free phone number, and IT support. All you need is a computer (not a tablet), internet access, a phone line, and a quiet place to take the test. A parent at home overseeing the process is highly recommended but the parent does not need a degree or training. The tests are administered following a schedule. Most of our online events begin at 12 noon EST and run until around 4:00 p.m. over a 2-day period. High school (9th-12th grades) test one day from 12:00 noon EST until 6:00 p.m. A free practice test is provided for our online test takers.

Sample schedules (see your specific event listing for the testing schedule):

Online Testing Schedule (all times are Eastern Standard Time)

Day One

12:00- 12:40 pm Word Study Skills
12:40- 1:25 pm Reading Vocabulary
1:25- 2:35 pm Reading Comprehension
2:35- 2:45 pm BREAK
2:45- 3:55 pm Mathematics Problem Solving

Day Two

12:00- 12:50 pm Mathematics Procedures
12:50- 1:40 pm Spelling
1:40- 2:50 pm Language
2:50- 3:00 pm BREAK
3:00- 3:40 pm Science
3:40- 4:20 pm Social Science

Each student needs a computer (not a tablet) and access to a phone. Students are on the phone at the beginning of each subtest for about 5-10 minutes, for about 1 hour of phone-time total. You will be given the choice of a toll number or a toll-free number to call. We do ask that customers with unlimited minutes or free long distance or the ability to pay for the toll line use this option. Details on this will be emailed to you after you have completed registration for an online event.


Online testing, per student $55

*Please check your desired testing event for registration deadline.

We have over one hundred online events scheduled for the Spring 2017 testing season. Please view the individual events for specific information.


Test results are generally available within 2–3 business days. For more information about test results and how to interpret them, please see our Test Results pages.

Frequently Asked Questions about the SAT-10 online

Can my student use a tablet or iPad to take the test?

No, students will need a PC to take the test. The Pearson browser is NOT compatible with tablets and iPads.

What are the system requirements for the Pearson Browser used during online testing?

Windows – OS Windows 7 or higher and Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher/ Mac OS X 10.6 or higher and Apple Safari 6.0 or higher.

Can I read or explain the questions to my student?

No, this is a standardized test. If your student has questions they can call in and ask the proctor at any time during the test.

We have taken the online test in the past. Do we need to take the practice test?

Yes, but they are not required to take complete the entire practice test. It is mandatory that each student log in at one of the designated practice test times (dates and times for all practice tests are listed in the event listing when you register and in the emails you receive from us once registration has closed) to enter their username and password and be approved on by the practice test proctor. This step MUST be done by all students as it is the only way to be sure your student’s login information in working properly before the official test. After they have logged in and been approved on to the practice test successfully, they may proceed with the free practice test to get comfortable with the online testing format and see some sample questions. If they have taken the online test in the past and are already comfortable with the format and tools, they have the option of not completing the practice test (as long as they have successfully completed the login and been approved by the proctor). It is HIGHLY recommended that all new students who have not taken the online test in the past, continue on with the practice test to get familiar with the system. If the login/practice test is not taken the week before the official test during the scheduled times, the student will not be allowed to take the test the following week.

When will I receive my student’s test results?

For the online version, the test results will be available in 2-3 days.

How will I get the test results?

When the test results are available they will be uploaded to our website. An email will be automatically generated telling the registrant that the results are available. Click the link in the email to retrieve the results. You will be prompted to log in. Use the log in information you used to register for the testing event. Once logged in click on the “My Results” tab and then choose the correct year. You can just view or view, download, and print. The results are a pdf.

How long will the results remain on the website?

The past three years are posted online to your account.

What if I don’t receive an email?

You can go to our website at any time to view the results. Once on the Homeschool Testing Services website, hover your mouse pointer over “Test Results” and click “Get My Results” on the drop down menu. From there you can follow the directions above for obtaining your results.

What if I have a question about my student’s test results?

You will receive a link to the ‘Parent Kit” in your register confirmation email and again in your results email. In the kit is information on interpreting the test results. If you have additional questions you can call us at 336-295-3093 and we will try assist you with your questions. There are also live webinars scheduled to help guide you in interpreting the results. Please check the website for more information on those.